Specialized Manufacturer of Ophthalmic Instruments & Sterilization Baskets & Trays for CSSD
Daudjee Cataract Set Micro Incision Cataract Surgery Manual Phacofracture Cataract Extraction Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery Extra-Cap Cataract Extraction W / Phaco Planned Extra-Cap Cataract Extraction ICL SET ICL SET (SHORT) CORNEAL TRANSPLANT SET DALK Set Endothelial Transplantation Set LASIK Set Femtosecond LASIK Set LASEK Set Lid Set Oculoplastic Set Chalazion Set Strabismus Set Lacrimal Set Vitreoretinal Set, 23 gauge Enucleation Set Pterygium Set Office Set Veterinary Ophthalmic Set
Ophthalmic Sets - ICL SET
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